Meet Northamptonshire’s brand new Rapid Response team!

Northamptonshire's new Rapid Response team A new service supporting some of our county’s most vulnerable residents has launched this week – and is expected to help us avoid up to 1,500 hospital admissions each year across Northamptonshire. The Rapid Response team will change the way we respond to elderly people who fall in [...]

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Rapid Response team getting ready for action this winter

A new specialist team is set to launch in Northamptonshire next month providing dedicated urgent care for some of our county’s most vulnerable citizens. The Northamptonshire Rapid Response service will attend urgent calls to help frail older people who have suffered falls, as well as people living in care homes with nonlife- threatening health [...]

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Successful trial initiative helps frail patients avoid long hospital stays

Vulnerable older people attending Northamptonshire’s A&Es are being helped to get the care and support they need more quickly – and avoid potentially lengthy stays in hospital beds – under a successful collaborative trial programme. NHCP’s new Frailty Assessment Team brings together specialist professionals from a range of services across the local [...]

Extra Care availability supports ageing well in Northamptonshire

Balmoral Place Extra Care scheme in Northampton Vacancies are now available in Northamptonshire for specialist housing which supports independent living for older people – and health and care professionals are being encouraged to refer people they think may be eligible. ‘Extra Care’ housing refers to a group of self-contained homes, often apartments, with [...]

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Supporting independence for older people in our county

A pioneering Partnership project which aims to respond to growing demand for health and social care services has been launched in Northamptonshire. The Supporting Independence Programme, funded by Northamptonshire County Council’s public health team on behalf of Northamptonshire Health and Care Partnership, helps older people in our county to remain independent for as long as [...]

Pioneering yellow bracelet scheme targets better care for older and vulnerable people

Northamptonshire Health and Care Partnership is always keen to empower colleagues to develop good ideas supporting our vision for a positive lifetime of health, wellbeing and care in our community. Here, we profile an emerging new initiative which seeks to enable better and more joined-up care for thousands of people in Northamptonshire. We will keep [...]

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Case study: Age Well Wellingborough

Providing the right care and support where it's needed most Members of the Age Well project team at work Frail and vulnerable older people in our county are receiving targeted support to live independently under a new initiative launched by Northamptonshire Health and Care Partnership. Age Well [...]

Extra care investment helps elderly fracture patients regain independence

A new initiative is changing the way frail elderly patients in Northamptonshire are cared for after suffering broken limbs – supporting them to leave hospital sooner and regain their independence more quickly. As part of a wider effort to improve our county’s urgent and emergency care services this winter, Northamptonshire’s NHS and social care [...]

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Case study: Age UK Northamptonshire launches support service for patients at KGH

As part of our work to improve our county’s urgent and emergency care services, health and care organisations in Northamptonshire are working together to ensure those in need can acccess the right care in the right place at the right time – and so people in hospital are supported to return home as soon as [...]

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